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Pre-Marital Investigation

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of our lives. Especially when it comes to arranged marriages, there are many uncertainties and unknowns. By working with our private investigator team, you can take a wise step to know as much as possible before agreeing to a lifelong commitment.

Post-Marital Investigation

Trust and transparency hold a relationship together. However, challenges, questionable decisions, and misunderstandings can arise, causing a rift in a once loving partnership. At Silver Spy Detectives, we understand the complexities of post-marital issues and provide confidential and professional investigation services to help you uncover the truth.

Extra-Marital Affair Investigation

Unexpected changes in your partner’s behavior and mood can have a negative effect on your mental state as well, especially with the sudden lack of communication. Moreover, them spending time on social media can make you feel isolated and anxious about your partner’s true feelings. As professional private investigators, we believe that each case is unique and so we approach your situation in a personalized way while keeping a balanced mindset. We want to work with you to find real solutions, whether it be a confirmation of your partner’s loyalty or infidelity.

Divorce Case Investigation

A divorce can be painful and traumatic, but it can also take you by surprise. We understand that sometimes spouses file for divorce or express interest in separation for reasons that may not be immediately clear. We conduct thorough research and background checks in order to find reliable and admissible evidence that can be presented in court if necessary. Whether you're seeking evidence of infidelity, hidden assets, or other factors that may impact your divorce case, we are here to help.

Background Check Investigation

Every new person that you meet, be it for a date or for work, has some potentially hidden traits that you aren’t aware of. Verifying their details and knowing more about them can safeguard you, which is where our private investigation team can help.

Missing Person Investigation

When someone you know and care about goes missing, it can be a truly critical situation - whether it's for personal, legal, or corporate reasons. The search for a missing person is complicated and an emotionally charged process. In such situations, having a team of professional private investigators can help you approach the situation with a calm mind. Our team utilizes all the available resources to locate the missing person as quickly as possible. We conduct interviews, geographic profiling, deep online searches, and more to ensure that no stone is left unturned in our objective.

Theft Investigation

From physical valuables such as mobile phones, cash, and jewelry to other valuables like data and documents, Silver Spy helps you catch the culprit swiftly.

Discover how Silverspy Detectives, a leading detective agency in Ahmedabad, provides unparalleled investigation and spy services to help you uncover the truth in personal and professional matters.

Person Activity Surveillance

When you have concerns about the activities of the person close to you, be it your spouse, a business partner, or a relative, you can trust our detective agency to conduct a stealthy person activity surveillance. We maintain a low profile and ensure that the subject does not become suspicious of anything. Whether you suspect infidelity, fraud, or other illicit activities, we are committed to providing you with the information you need to protect yourself and your interests. Additionally, we keep you informed about every update, which can help you make informed decisions later on.

How It Works

The Steps taken for Each Investigation.


A quick consultation with the client. This is where we receive the essential information from you to get started.


Based on the inputs we create a strategy to start our investigation. We thoroughly analyze first and then proceed.

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Once we begin our investigation, we keep our clients informed about every little detail.